About us

IWGMH is a working group comprising obstetricians, cardiovascular physicians and researchers. The team has met regularly since 2011 (Cambridge, Rome, Rotterdam and London) to discuss new evolutions in the field of maternal hemodynamics and share thoughts on study results. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect international research groups with interest for the normal and abnormal functioning of a pregnant woman’s cardiovascular system and its relation to maternal and fetal outcome. Since 2014 two international conferences have been organized to communicate our experiences and results to the broader public, and as such promote translation of our research to improve clinical care.

Our Members

Christoph Lees, London UK
Ian Wilkinson, Cambridge UK
Carmel McEniery, Cambridge UK
Wilfried Gyselaers, Genk Belgium
Herbert Valensise, Rome Italy
Asma Khalil, London UK
Basky Thilaganathan, London UK
Jérome Cornette, Rotterdam Netherlands
Hans Duvekot, Rotterdam Netherlands
John Cockcroft, Cardiff UK
Enrico Ferrazzi, Milan Italy
Marc Spaanderman, Maastricht Netherlands
Chahinda Ghossein-Doha, Maastricht Netherlands

Our Book

Cover boek


Discover the latest concepts in cardiovascular and hemodynamic functionality during pregnancy. During the early stages of pregnancy the maternal heart and circulation are subject to major gestational adaptive changes that allow for a normal course and outcome for both mother and baby. Any disruption to these processes can precipitate the onset of severe maternal and fetal complications such as preeclampsia, or intrauterine growth restriction. This invaluable reference work provides a comprehensive discussion of each aspect of the circulation. With a focus on the physiologic and pathophysiologic aspects of maternal cardiovascular function, this guide supports non-invasive assessment, management and prevention techniques for cardiovascular disease, for all stages of fetal and neonatal life. This text supports researchers and specialists in maternal-fetal medicine, whilst providing a key grounding in the topic, for trainees wishing to be at the cutting edge of theories and research.